About Us

Great Lakes Gelatin (GLG) evolved in 1988 from the original Company Grayslake Gelatin Co. which started their production in 1922.  During that period both companies strived to supply both Commercial and Consumer needs for the use of high quality gelatins.

In 2010 we saw a change in the industry that availed itself to the consumer market a product which we called Collagen Hydrolysate which we could make cold liquid soluble. Our interest was to use Argentinean or Brazilian cattle as they became the highest producers of cattle worldwide.  We went to the source of slaughtering houses 1000 miles from Buenos Aires that are  in country sides that had only grass fed cattle, and did not stage the animals for long periods such as done in BA to support  the numbers of people who live there.

During that year we introduced our Collagen Hydrolysate in a green can which could support the needs of those who wanted to take it medicinally for a variety of health reasons.  This product was supported by many physicians that rated our product as the best available in the marketplace. It is our desire to develop more products making it more convenient for our customers to take the highest quality of collagen & gelatins made available. We provide our users with products that meet the US Pharmacopeia Standards of quality. Staying true to our name we promise to deliver the best experience our industry can offer.


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