None of the following allergens are found in Great Lakes Gelatin or Gelatin Hydrolysates.
Peanuts None
Tree Nuts None
Sesame None
Fish/Shellfish None
Dairy None
Eggs None
Soy None
Wheat None
Celery stalk/leaf None
(Gelatin contains none of the above ingredients through Derivative Oils, or by Refined Process). Note: No Sulfites are used in production.
Allergens listed as sub-ingredients:
Monosodium glutamate: None
Sulfites: None
Preservatives None
Processing Aids None
Incidental additives None
Botanicals None
Alcohol Content None

Gelatin during its process or as a finished product has not been treated with Irradiation.

Gelatin is animal origin. It is extracted as Type A from porcine skin, or as Type B from bovine hide.


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