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-Functional Self  

Sales in the UK and most other European Countries

- Lita Lee  

Lita Lee is a PHD who advocates Great Lakes Gelatin. You may buy various products from them as well..


For Canada shipments...

- Blooming Gelatin Art of Los Angeles  

Want to see some really amazing designs with gelatin? You have to check this site out.

- The Garden of Eating  

Here you will find information about a comprehensive health-enhancing diet and cookbook, Sample recipes from the book, Cooking classes, and Consulting and coaching services.

- Joette Calabrese's - Homeopathy Works  

Joette Calabrese's signature philosophy is that health is not random and that it can be achieved through the detailed and systematic method of classical homeopathy.

- Nu-Health Strategies  

Nu-Health Strategies integrates the holistic approach to corrective exercise/personal training, nutrition and lifestyle, massage therapy, EFT , and stress relief to create optimal wellness.

-The Weston A. Price Foundation  

Weston A. Price Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt nutrition education foundation. If you want various information about gelatin visit this site and put the word "Gelatin" in the search box. or just click here.

- Purchase Products in the U.K. with Pure body Balance  

If you live in the U.K. and are looking for our products, take a look at Pure Body Balance. They know their stuff.

- Perfect Supplements, LLC  

Perfect Supplements is a small family business with a big heart. Their mission reflects their desire to always put people and the planet before profits.


Products in Australia.


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