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2. Lita Lee  

Lita Lee is a PHD who advocates Great Lakes Gelatin. You may buy various products from them as well..


For Canada shipments...

4. Kitsa's Kitchen  

Find our products in Australia.

5. Blooming Gelatin Art of Los Angeles  

Want to see some really amazing designs with gelatin? You have to check this site out.

6. The Garden of Eating  

Here you will find information about a comprehensive health-enhancing diet and cookbook, Sample recipes from the book, Cooking classes, and Consulting and coaching services.

7. Joette Calabrese's - Homeopathy Works  

Joette Calabrese's signature philosophy is that health is not random and that it can be achieved through the detailed and systematic method of classical homeopathy.

8. Nu-Health Strategies  

Nu-Health Strategies integrates the holistic approach to corrective exercise/personal training, nutrition and lifestyle, massage therapy, EFT , and stress relief to create optimal wellness.

9. The Weston A. Price Foundation  

Weston A. Price Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt nutrition education foundation. If you want various information about gelatin visit this site and put the word "Gelatin" in the search box. or just click here.

10. Purchase Products in the U.K. with Pure body Balance  

If you live in the U.K. and are looking for our products, take a look at Pure Body Balance. They know their stuff.

11. Perfect Supplements, LLC  

Perfect Supplements is a small family business with a big heart. Their mission reflects their desire to always put people and the planet before profits.


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