Gelatin in dry powder form has an indefinite shelf life when stored in a dry, well ventilated environment. It is recommended that one does not refrigerate powdered gelatin as it contains hydrophilic & hygroscopic properties ie; it has the ability to seek water and then retain it. Prolong heat and moisture will degrade gelatin if stored improperly.

Gelatin is an excellent growth medium for bacteria. Therefore, strict sanitary practices must be followed during its use to assure a clean wholesome product. Keep Kraft style and plastic bags wired tied after opening to prevent moisture, dirt & dust from entering. All GMP's must be in place for safe storage conditions.

In a finished gelatin, such as, cookies, candies, desserts, degradation of gelatin solution from bacteria, yeasts, and molds may be inhibited by the use of preservatives. The selection of the preservative depends upon whether the product application is edible, topical, or technical. Products containing gelatin based on their concentration level may require more preservative.


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