Collagen 101

There is sooo much information out there about collagen that sometimes it can all feel like a bit much…information overload, if you will.

So I thought we could simplify the facts and just talk about the beneficial properties of our favorite protein: collagen. 

So what is Collagen?

Collagen is protein that already exists within our body. It is the protein that connects the fibers in our tissues, skin, ligaments and bones; think of collagen as an intracellular adhesive or glue that supports all of your major organs. It’s pretty amazing that our body is able to do this on its own but as we age, our body’s natural production of amino acids and proteins begin to decrease. Supplementing your diet with a collagen protein can actually assist in your body’s natural production amino acids and proteins. 

What are the benefits of a Collagen supplement?

Supplementing your diet with a collagen supplement such as Collagen Peptides or Collagen Hydrolysate can have amazing benefits for your skin, joints, and wellness. Aside from it’s anti-aging properties and overall health benefits, many users boast about what it can do for your gut health.

The cartilage and bones in our joints are constantly subject to physical stress, so they are regularly being broken down and replaced. Each time we put any kind of stress on these joints, tons of cells are working together in an extracellular matrix containing collagen fibers and other molecules. Translation? A diet with the proper amount of collagen protein can combat collagen breakdown and sore or damaged joints.

Will Collagen really help me look younger?

I know what you’re thinking, collagen seems too good to be true, right? By simply incorporating a supplement into your diet, you're magically supposed to appear 10 years younger? The short answer is no, that’s not quite how this powerful protein works. Collagen is not some magical elixir of youth, but by incorporating a collagen supplement into your daily routine, you can help to improve and increase skin elasticity while helping restore your body’s natural production of collagen proteins and amino acids.

Can I eat certain foods to increase Collagen?

Sure, you can consume protein-rich vegetables and bone broth- which you should! But unless you plan on eating 200 red bell peppers a day, daily use of a collagen supplement, such as our Collagen Hydrolysate, is the best way to ensure you are getting enough of these proteins.

Why Great Lakes Gelatin?

At Great Lakes Gelatin Company, we believe that a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, including collagen and gelatin, is the cornerstone to a life well-lived. Quality is our focus every day, and we settle for nothing but the best. The product inside each and every container has passed evaluation against our very high quality standards.  

We have helped thousands of people see the benefits of healthier, hydrated skin, fuller hair, stronger nails, reduced joint pain and numerous other healthy aging and beauty benefits.


"I have been taking this supplement for a few years now

I had very painful knees and was suffering with plantar fasciitis on one foot. I initially read about it online and was convinced that I needed to give it a try. Wow, am I happy I did. It has been a life changing supplement for me and I will never be without it. I take two heaping tablespoons every morning in my coffee. It is virtually tasteless and dissolves completely and it doesn't change the consistency of my coffee. Give it a try if you have joint issues. It just might work for you too!"

Karen C.