About Bulk Ingredients

If you are looking for a valued partner supplier for your bulk needs, Great Lakes Gelatin Company is your best choice.  Great Lakes Gelatin Company has been providing the very best gelatin and collagen products and related support services to industrial accounts since 1922.  Our impeccable record for quality and service is unsurpassed, and we welcome you to experience the GLG difference. Simply reach out with your challenge, and we will gladly provide a solution.  

Industry Sectors and Applications


  • Confectionery…gummies, marshmallow
  • Dairy…ice cream, yogurts
  • Baking…glazes, frostings, pies
  • Meat…sausages, mousse, head cheese


  • Nutritional Supplements…gel caps, hard shell, soft shell, tablets, lozenges, coatings and gummies
  • Vitamins…emulsifiers


  • Surgical…wound care, sponges, medical foams


  • Desserts…gelatin, glazings, blooming art, isinglass, soups, sauces, thickener


  • Topicals...cold creams, face masks, nail, hair and skin enhancement


  • Film and paper...carbon-less paper, micro encapsulation, holograms


  • Penetrating and expandable testing...cavity abruption, penetration in depth, projection design, bullet formity

Animal nutrition

  • Pet food...variety of pet food, supplements

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