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Product Info

Product Information

At Great Lakes Gelatin®, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality gelatin and collagen products available. In addition, we are committed to truth and transparency in providing accurate and in-depth information about our products . Please reference specific informational topics you are interested in here and check out our FAQ page to see if what’s on your mind has been on the minds of others too!

At GLG we always welcome your new questions, insights and feedback and look forward to hearing from you.

We Wrote “The Book”

Recently, many marketing companies professing to be experts in gelatin and nutrition would lead you to believe they “wrote the book” on the subject. Well, our predecessors actually did write “The Book” that is considered one of the definitive resource guides on gelatin in nutrition and medicine. Gelatin in Nutrition and Medicine is full of information about the value of gelatin and collagen. Originally written in 1945 the book has been newly edited by Great Lakes Gelatin®Company and includes results from actual scientific studies. Click here to preview and order a copy.

Gelatin in Nutrition and Medicine

by Nathan Ralph Gotthoffer
Updated by: Paul M. Turner

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