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BSE Free

BSE is not a concern in bovine gelatin/collagen products

BSE, commonly known as Mad Cow Disease would be a concern to those who have been reading and listening to the news recently. One might think that a bovine product such as Gelatin or Collagen could be susceptible.  It turns out many governments and government agencies have looked into this same question.

In the US, we have a department known as the Animal and Plant Health inspection Service (APHIS) oversees imports and exports of animal products into the US.  According to their documents, they accept the scientific literature and standards set forth by the Organization for Animal Health (OIE).

The OIE was asked by the US department of Agriculture, to conduct a complete study on BSE and how it affects bovine products.  The result was that there was a near zero risk of BSE transmission in products, such as milk, gelatin, and other hide based or boneless originated products.

To go further, the US Department of Agriculture also discusses the near zero risk in their March 16th 2012 edition of the Federal Register where it states that the Gelatin and Collagen manufacture process alone, further reduces the risk of BSE infectivity beyond the findings of the OIE.

“Gelatin is a highly purified protein manufactured from hides, skin, and/or bones of animals using various refining processes in which each step is able to significantly inactivate BSE infectivity. A similar process, with similar inactivation results, is used in the production of collagen”

(USDA Federal Register March 16th, 2012 page 15885)

As in the OIE conclusions, they state that the OIE findings are accepted and that there is no reason to regulate gelatin for BSE.

To further lessen the risk, Great Lakes Gelatin’s bovine based products are from Argentina and Brazil. These countries are on the OIE’s list known to have the least BSE risk. 

It is our commitment that Great Lakes Gelatin’s products are of the best and safest gelatins in the industry.  We are always monitoring the safety and quality of our products.

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