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Heavy Metals Statement

Heavy Metal Statement

Great Lakes Gelatin shares the concerns our customers have about heavy metals in the food that they consume.  

In response to misinformation found on the internet, Great Lakes Gelatin wants to clarify how we test for arsenic and other heavy metal impurities.

Our specification limit for arsenic is below <0.25 parts per million.  This is based on regulatory limits set by government agencies.  At the time of manufacture, heavy metal testing is done and the product is approved for human consumption once it passes all testing. 


It is a mistake to assume that the specification maximum is the amount present in our product.  It is difficult to test for such low levels of possible impurities.  The analytical testing results for arsenic are “below detection limits”.  This means that the level is below the sensitivity of the test to quantify a result.

As an additional quality check we contract an independent analytical lab (SORA Laboratories) to do heavy metal analysis on our products.  The results were all less than the detection limit (“DL”) of the test.  See test result below.

Heavy Metal Testing

It is our goal to deliver the highest quality product in the marketplace.  We personally use these products and recommend them to our family and friends.

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