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Pesticide/Insecticide Free

Pesticide and Insecticide Statement

We are all concerned about agricultural residue chemicals finding their way into our diet.  These are the herbicides, pesticides and insecticides that are used in modern agriculture.  Hormones and antibiotics also fall into this category.

This is a concern if you are buying meat like steak or chicken.  It is important to understand that this is much less of an issue when it comes to collagen hydrolysate or gelatin products.  (Collagen hydrolysate can be thought of as a form of gelatin that has a lower molecular weight.)

Any chemicals that could be present in the starting material would be concentrated in the fat.  During the extraction process all fat is removed.  The processing of gelatin and collagen hydrolysate is specifically designed to extract the protein and remove all fat and non-protein components that may be part of the original collagen raw material.   

While gelatin is from animal sources it is not meat.  Gelatin is very pure protein with some water that naturally attaches to the structure. 

Great Lakes Gelatin has done extensive testing to verify that there are not any agricultural residue chemicals in our products.  Analysis of an extensive list of 322 chemicals was conducted.  The pdf file below shows the actual test results looking for any trace of compounds that could possibly be present.  The analysis shows the absence of all these chemicals.  

Great Lakes Gelatin, Quality Assurance

Note:  All the results were “< LQ” which is the Quantification Limit.  Every analytical test has a quantification limit or detection limit which is the sensitivity of the test.  The LQ limit for each compound is stated on the report.    
Revision Date:  12/9/14

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