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I am 71+ years old and work at a health food/nutrition store. My knees are bone-on-bone and I was talking to my surgeon about replacements. Then a customer told me about Great Lakes Gelatin. I tried it and no longer need surgery. Very little pain left. So, I told my older sister. She started taking it, as did her strength and conditioning trainer. They both have seen amazing results. My surgeon and GI doctor have both taken down the information to give to patients and family members. My personal experience has allowed us to sell several cans because I tell customers my story. I want to thank you for this wonderful product. It has changed my life.

After three weeks of consistently taking 2 TBSP’s of Great Lakes Gelatin collagen twice a day, my year-long hip pain went away and it hasn’t returned. I have also noticed that taking collagen before bed gives me a more restful night’s sleep.

I am the owner of a hair salon and after I began using Great Lakes Collagen regularly I experienced visible improvement in the appearance of my hair, skin and fingernails. At the same time, I also noticed that I just began to feel better overall too. I was so impressed with these results that I began recommending Great Lakes Collagen to my clients who also began seeing and feeling the same improvements. Within a short time we all needed more products and that is when I decided to become a Great Lakes reseller. Being able to satisfy my client’s desire for more Great Lakes product is wonderful and the best part is how we all love the way it helps us look and feel.

In spring of 2013, I was told by an orthopedist that I would probably require knee replacements within six months. I started taking Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate instead. Four years later, I have still not had the knee replacements. In addition, I can now participate in rigorous Barn Hunts with my dogs without knee or back pain.

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